Album: Family of Pat Gillis and Elmer Wiens

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Family 1

Family - Getting it together

We Miss You Mom
Tena-Kay Simpson


Our Yarrow Family
Mom, Alfred, Raymond, Luetta, Elmer
Mom, Alfred, Raymond, Luetta, Elmer


Raymond, Gisele, and Mom
Raymond, Gisele, and Mom



For a pictorial history of the Wiens(z) Family see:

Wiensz, Heinrich - Our Wiensz Heritage - 1774-1970's. Our Mennonite Heritage and our Place.  Compiled by Esther J. Wiens et al.

Gerhard Peter and Elmer Gerald Wiens
Dad and Elmer


Pat and KayMom and Elmer
Pat and Kay Mom and Elmer


Pat, Elmer's mother, Pat's parents
Pat's Parents


Elmer's Dad and Erika, Luetta and Chris at Christmas
Elmer's Dad



Chris Wiens Debra Wiens Cheryl Wiens


Grandmother Simpson
Debra, Chris, Cheryl Wiens
Elmer Wiens
Talking Stick
Grandmother Simpson - Debra, Chris, Cheryl Elmer - Talking Stick


Betty, Debra, Luetta
Betty, Debra and Luetta


Betty, Alfred, Debra, Elmer, Cheryl
Christmas Dinner




Julie and familyTrent and Sofie and family
Julie, Ciaus, Ava Trent, Sophie, Jack, Miles


Priebe Family
Sofie,   Julie,   Luetta,   Jerry
Priebe Family


Luetta In Ottawa - 1977
Luetta vists Elmer in Ottawa



Elmer, Alvin, Pat
Uncle Alvin's Room


Christa, Alvin, Dawn
Uncle Alvin Wiensz



1948 Flood: Browne Road - Vedder
Raymond Wiens,   Elmer Wiens
1948 Flood - Ray and Elmer



Elmer Gerald Wiens - 2nd Year Student ID Picture. UBC: 1964-65
Elmer Gerald Wiens - 2nd Year Student ID Picture. UBC: 1964-65


Elmer Wiens 1967
B.Sc. Honours Mathematics
UBC Graduation - Alfred, Elmer, Raymond
Elmer Wiens, UBC Graduate Alfred, Elmer and Ray


Elmer Gerald Wiens
Elmer Gerald Wiens



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