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Yarrow, British Columbia

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Yarrow Junior High 1953-1966


The Yarrow Elementary Junior High School opened in 1953. Located on North Wilson Road, Yarrow, the school was built by the Mennonite Church, and operated as the Sharon Mennonite Collegiate Institute (SMCI). The Chilliwack School Board purchased the building and property in 1952. The Junior High School operated from 1953 to 1966. After that, Junior High students attended other schools, while the Elementary School continued at the same location.

Although the number of Junior High School students never exceeded 100, they achieved success in academics, sports, music, and speech competitions — thanks to the very dedicated teachers — whose skill and ingenuity overcame the school's limited resources. Mr. Walter Ferguson served as the principal of the school from 1953 to 1966. He was succeeded by Mr. Lesley Tarmar.

In the summer of 1994, many former teachers and students attended the Yarrow School Reunion. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet friends we hadn't seen for many years.

The list of the students who served on the student council of the Yarrow Junior High School appears below.

1953-54 President: Lena Brauer
Vice President: George Giesbrecht
Secretary: Alice Miller
Treasurer: Anna Klassen
1954-55 President: Alice Miller
Vice President: Irwin Epp
Secretary: Lena Brauer
Treasurer: George Giesbrecht
Girls Sports Convener: Betty Toews
Boys Sports Convener: Frank Reimer
Entertainment Group: Gerda Epp and Fred Ewert
1955-56 President: Victor Froese
Vice President: Frank Reimer
Secretary: Vivian Miller
Treasurer: Ricky Neuman
Sports Committee:
      Girls: Hilda Teichgrab
      Boys: Harold Froese
Entertainment Committee:
      Bridgette Brosinski
      Ed Derksen
      John Barkovsky
1956-57 President: Fred Ewert
Vice President: Bill Thiessen
Secretary: Hilda Teichgrab / Gerda Epp
Treasurer: Eileen Neuman
1957-58 President: Eileen Harder
Vice President: Wayne Siebert
Secretary: Caroline Derksen
Treasurer: John Wolfe
Sports Committee:
      Girls: Rita Paetkau
      Boys: Abe Dyck
1958-59 President: Eileen Harder
Vice President: Elmer Wiens
Secretary: Caroline Derksen
Treasurer: Robert Giesbrecht
1959-60 President: Elmer Wiens
Vice President: Dave Nightingale
Secretary: Rita Sawatsky
Treasurer: Robert Giesbrecht
1960-61 President: Dave Nightingale
Vice President: Luetta Wiens
Secretary: Evelyn Paetkau
Treasurer: Victor Giesbrecht
1961-62 President: Victor Giesbrecht
Vice President: Luetta Wiens
Secretary: Judy McCloy
Treasurer: Henry Kroeker
1962-63 President: Dixie Coxson
Vice President: Ronald Goerz
Secretary: Sandra Schellenberg
Treasurer: Clark Williams
1963-64 President: Clark Williams
Vice President: Victor Epp
Secretary: Eric Hiebert
Treasurer: Gordon Hill
1964-65 President: Walter Stief
Vice President: Allan Bailey
Secretary: Beverly Epp
Treasurer: Irma Janzen
1965-66 President: Allan Bailey
Vice President: Glen Sargeant
Secretary: Robyn Willis
Treasurer: Connie Hendricks



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